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Black belts Professor Adel Tahmasevi

Opening remarks by Sensi Luca

Part of the Show Tayjutsu

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    1. Harry Monday 25 August 2014

      architect می‌گه:salam emkanesh hast vase man ketab vcriteal farming ro bgzarid danlond konam baray tarahi besh niaz daram va qabele danlod nist merc پاسخ در تاريخ فروردین ۳۱م, ۱۳۹۰ ۴:۰۰ ب.ظ:متاسفانه کتاب فوق در حال حاضر در آرشیو ما موجود نیست

        Anitra Monday 25 July 2016

        man, I didn’t expect such a great indepth interview, that is awesome!I didn’t quite get what he meant when he spoke about Cartoony animation being the &#V8l0;8egetab2eࢭ and acting the “desert” since he then mentionned Ward Kimball as one of his favourite animator. Any idea?Ah and could we get more infos on that concept of “ambient motion”?thanks again