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According to the To-Shin Do training workbook, Enlightened Self-Protection, color belts focus on the following five areas:

  • grappling: throwing, choking, and joint-locking

  • striking: kicking, and punching

  • weapons: stick, blade, cord, and projectile

  • application: handling multiple assailants and surprise attacks

  • preservation: overcoming psychological intimidation or bullying

Students practice striking against pads, targets, and instructors clad in protective armor. However, there is no sparring as seen in ring point-fighting styles. And as found with ninjutsu, To-Shin Do does not include tournament competition in its training curriculum.

Once a student attains the rank of black belt, the following optional advanced courses are offered:

  • first-response emergency medical treatment

  • methods for survival in hostile environments

  • security protection for dignitaries

  • law enforcement specialties

  • intelligence gathering systems

  • how to instruct classes and run a school

  • classical Japanese weapons


Beyond basic training that leads to black belt in To-Shin Do are optional studies including :
– Survival methods for hostile environments
– security protection for dignitaries
– How to instruct classes and run a school
– Classical Japanese weapons
– Meditation mind sciences

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