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Student believes

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I believe in myself I am confident I can accomplish my goals I believe in what I study I am disciplined I am ready to learn and advance I believe in my teachers I show respect to all who help me progress


To-Shin Do Iran-South Africa Seminar

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To-shin Do Japanese terminology

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ashi barai (ash-ee ba-raee) - leg sweep fumikomi (foo-mee-koh-mee) - stamp-in hiza geri (hee-zah geh-ree) - knee kick kakato geri (ka-ka-toh geh-ree) - axe kick kasei geri (ka-say-ee geh-ree) - low force kick kin geri (kin geh-ree) - groin kick maegeri (maeh geh-ree) - front kick mawashi geri (ma-wa-shee geh-ree) - roundhouse kick mikazuki geri (mee-kah-zoo-kee geh-ree) - crescent-moon kick nami gaeshi (na-mee gaeh-shee) - returning wave nidan geri (nee-dan ...


History To-shin Do

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About Stephen Hayes An-shu Stephen Kinryu-Jien Hayes, Founder of To-Shin Do Kasumi-An Ninja Martial Arts …has spent his entire adult life in the pursuit of perfection through the study of the Asian martial arts and spiritual traditions, living and traveling throughout North America, Japan, Europe, the Arctic, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India. Promoting the benefits of Life Mastery Through Martial Arts, he travels the ...