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Video Professor Adel Tahmasebi

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Student believes

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I believe in myself I am confident I can accomplish my goals I believe in what I study I am disciplined I am ready to learn and advance I believe in my teachers I show respect to all who help me progress


To-shin Do Japanese terminology

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ashi barai (ash-ee ba-raee) - leg sweep fumikomi (foo-mee-koh-mee) - stamp-in hiza geri (hee-zah geh-ree) - knee kick kakato geri (ka-ka-toh geh-ree) - axe kick kasei geri (ka-say-ee geh-ree) - low force kick kin geri (kin geh-ree) - groin kick maegeri (maeh geh-ree) - front kick mawashi geri (ma-wa-shee geh-ree) - roundhouse kick mikazuki geri (mee-kah-zoo-kee geh-ree) - crescent-moon kick nami gaeshi (na-mee gaeh-shee) - returning wave nidan geri (nee-dan ...