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TO – the sword

Mt. Togakure ninja warrior personal combat strategies

cultivated in the mountains and marshes of Iga in Japan over 800 years ago

SHIN – the focused spirit of intention

Mt. Yoshino kuji-kiri rigorous intention channeling

to develop nine key powers that characterize fully actualized living

DO – the path to mastery

Mt. Hiei and Himalayan mind-spirit sciences form the master’s path

to cultivating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual powe

There is intended symbolism behind the To-Shin name.When written, To-Shin Do is formed of three kanji:

  • 刀 – to – sword
  • 心 – shin – spirit, intention, heart
  • 道 – – way, path

The literal Japanese to English translation of To-Shin Do is “Sword Spirit Path”. Practitioners of the art use a more developed translation where To = sword, Shin = the focused spirit of intention, and Do = the path to mastery.

The kanji for to and the kanji for shin combine to form the kanji symbol nin 忍, pronounced shinobi  which is the symbol for the ninja.


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